Dans votre Sauna !

Les Bains Recruts

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Cardio & weight training

Sculpt your body along with other sports-minded guys wearing shorts and sexy clothes.


It’s the most beneficial exercise you can get. Plus, our treadmills’ shock-absorbing technology pampers your joints.


Ideal for building up your legs and buttocks!

Elliptical Cross Trainers:

The newest in cardio training is a good way to burn fat.

Weight Presses will sculpt your body with minimal effort!

Pectoral muscles:

do seated butterflies and pull-overs for a stronger, healthier chest..


Use the lower pulley and the bar to build your upper back.

Back muscles:

Use the upper pulley and the “latissimus” lat bar.


use the lower pulley to strengthen and define your chain of deltoids..


Use the upper pulley to bulk up your triceps.

Biceps  :

Develop your flexing muscles.


Leg extensions and flections will develop your adductors, abductors, and buttocks.


Dans votre Sauna !

Les Bains Recruts

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