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Les Bains Recruts

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Can i have sex in the pool?

 We know it may be tempting but for basic hygiene rules and everyone's comfort, we ask you to be well-behaved. Don't worry though, private cubicles are just around the corner to let yourself go!

 Do you have free condoms and lube available?

 We offer you condoms and lube at the entrance and the aisles in the cruising area. Do serve yourself!

 Where can i smoke a cigarette?

 On the first floor, you'll find a very confortable smoking area, go enjoy your cigarette while watching big screen tv... or your neighbor's ass!

 Can i bring my own sextoys?

 You bet. You can find lube all over the place and we love when it gets really hot in here!

 Can i have my way with masseurs?

 Eventhough our masseurs know how to take care of the male body, they won't go any further. Please don't cause an embarrassing situation (;-D)

Dans votre Sauna !

Les Bains Recruts

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